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Can protein make you fat

Posted by: Ron

Stimulate your muscles to put all the protein you consume to good use

Vince Gironda was correct in saying that bodybuilding is 85% nutrition. Some people tend to interpret it as bodybuilding is 100% nutrition and try to eat their way to a championship physique. Eating protein like it’s going out of style, day in and day out.

Just like salt and other spices make a great meal taste even more delicious, stimulating the muscles with exercise will turn a nutrient and protein dense diet into a physique to be proud of.

Yes, the above is somewhat tongue in cheek, you already know you need to work out to build muscle. I am writing this post because I’ve been asked numerous times by beginner trainees why they’re getting fat when all they eat is protein. I ask them how often they train, what their split is and how long they work out. Most of the time, it turns out they work out 1 – 3 times a week (1 being the actual number and 3 being their goal to reach at some point). Their split mostly consists of biceps and chest and the day they actually train, they might be in the gym for 2 hours or more. In that time they perform every exercise ever intended for chest and biceps.

The next day they start to get some soreness which continues for the next 3 to 4 days so they choose to miss the gym to properly recover, then the weekend comes and the next workout gets postponed to next Monday.

In the meantime, they’re pounding back the protein, pre workout shakes before meals, post workout shakes after meals, meal replacements for snacks, turkey and chicken breasts, steaks, eggs and you name it, there’s no shortage of protein.

How too much protein with too little exercise makes you fat

After a few weeks or months they’re disappointed that their clothes are fitting tighter, except in the wrong places. Instead of the arms, shoulders and chest getting more restrictive, they feel their pants need to be loosened up in the waist and the hips.

My point is, even when you have the 85% (nutrition) perfectly covered, you still need to maximize that 15%, (the training part) in order to sculpt the body you’re after.

Remember that consistency and perseverance is what’s going to get you where you want to go. ”Slow and steady wins the race”. Steady being the key word.

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