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Rear Delts For An Impressive Physique

Posted by: Ron

Another of the often forgotten body parts are the rear delts, yet when fully developed and in balance with the rest of the shoulder, it compliments the whole body.

Concentrate on bringing out the best from your rear delts

As you may have noticed in your gym, the new members will come in, ride the stationary bike, run on the treadmill, do a few sets of bench presses another few sets of biceps curls, maybe some leg presses, pull downs and shoulder presses. It’s rare to see anyone work their rear delts with any type of intensity or focus.

When they do work them, it’s usually the bent over side raises at the end of the workout. Yes, they do get some indirect work from all rowing exercises so that’s at least positive.

What exercises target the rear delts specifically?

As I mentioned the most common rear delt exercise is the bent over side raises. Here are a few more to add to your list in case you decide to bring your rear delts up.

Besides creating a polished look, balancing out your rear delts with your front delts will also prevent you from nagging shoulder pain. Often the shoulder pain happens because of the out of the balance musculature displacing the humerus and causing undue stress on the connective tissue.

Do you have a favorite rear delt exercise I missed?

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