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Rheo Blair Protein Powder Original Formula

Rheo Blair Protein Powder

Posted by: Paul

Q. Is Bio-Available Protein the original Rheo Blair protein formula?

A. It's an interesting question when people ask is this the original formula, Rheo Blair's first protein powder was made from soy, but he was not happy with it and continued to research, he tried protein extracted from meats but found that eggs and milk were the highest bioavailable protein sources.

Rheo Blair constantly evolved his formula based on current science and his own research. And the Bio-Available Protein is based on all of Rheo Blair's research and current supplement science, we believe it is exactly what Rheo Blair's protein would be today if he was still with us.

We have many former Rheo Blair students who are very happy with the product.

for more information go to Bio-Available Protein Powder

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