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Bodybuilding lies in Joe Weider magazines

Joe Weider magazine

Posted by: Paul

My introduction to bodybuilding in the late 1970's was through the movie Pumping Iron an Joe Weider's Muscle Builder Power Magazine, later renamed Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

While I acknowledge that Joe Weider was "Father of Modern Bodybuilding" and a pioneering force in the fitness industry who changed the way people view strength training and bodybuilding. I also know that his magazines contained many lies and misconceptions about bodybuilding training and nutrition. From hiding the rampant use of steroids to false promises of the "perfect body".

In this post, I'll explore the most common bodybuilding lies that Joe Weider told in his magazines.

Bodybuilding Lie Number One: Anyone can become a top bodybuilder if they follow the Weider Training System and take Weider Supplements.

The truth is that genetics play a big role in bodybuilding. All the top bodybuilders have the right genetics to build muscle and get lean. While everyone can improve with proper training and nutrition, not everyone can build up to the super human levels that top bodybuilders have.

Bodybuilding Lie Number Two: The top bodybuilders are healthy, natural and don't depend on steroids to build their physiques.

The truth is that all the top bodybuilder use large doses of steroids to help them get huge and ripped. Steroids are synthetic compounds that increase muscle growth and strength, but they come with a number of dangerous side effects. And while you don't need steroids to build a good physique, know that there have never been a drug free IFBB Mr. Olympia winner.

Bodybuilding Lie Number Three: You need to bomb and blitz your muscles by working out for at least two hours a day, six days a week.

The truth is that for most people this would just result in over-training and frustration. As stated earlier the top bodybuilders have superior genetics and are taking steroids which together give them a high tolerance to exercise stress and faster ability to recover from high volume workouts. The average people would make much better progress training for no more than one hour per workout and only three to four days a week.

Bodybuilding Lie Number Four: Weider supplements are the best and all the top bodybuilders use them.

The truth is that Weider supplements were over-hyped, and really didn't have a good reputation in the supplement industry. And while you would see the top bodybuilders in the magazines posing with a can of Joe Weider Protein, most of them didn't really use it. At the time the top bodybuilders actually used Rheo Blair Protein , but couldn't talk about it because they were under contract with Joe Weider.

Why did Joe Weider allow these misconceptions and lies in his muscle magazines? Because he made a lot of money selling people on the idea that they can look like Arnold if they just bought his products.

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