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How to double your bodybuilding gains

Posted by: Ron

The fastest way to double your gains in bodybuilding is to work on the steps methodically and consistently, but only the steps that produce results.

Examine your routine and eliminate what’s useless and focus on what works

The “Pareto Principle” or “80/20 rule” has been as valid for business, manufacturing, time management as it is for bodybuilding. In short, what the Pareto principle says is that the top 20 percent of what you do determines 80 percent of your results.

The way you can apply this and double your gains in bodybuilding is first by examining what’s working in your nutrition and exercise routine and what is a waste of your time and effort.

For example, I used to do cardio when it was all the hype. It drained me and I ended up losing strength in my workouts. Since it was quite evident that it was holding me back, more than it was helping me, it was easy to give up. I almost immediately got stronger and had more drive in the gym. My gains improved dramatically.

The more I researched and studied the more it became clear to me that my digestion was also holding me back. I needed to improve it in order to utilize all the great food and supplements I was eating and taking. Vince Gironda made it very clear to me that all your gains rest on your digestion. It’s the foundation of everything. As my digestion got better, I felt I had more energy and was able to continually put on muscle.

Look into your training. Make sure you only perform exercises that are giving you results. The bench press might be working perfectly for your training partner and at the same time doing nothing for you. You know what works and what needs adjusting.

Same with your nutrition. Bacon and eggs might work for some, yet you may do much better with steak and eggs (or vice versa.) You may even experiment with skipping the eggs and replacing them with butter or coconut oil.

Identify the top 20% of exercises that work well for you along with the top 20% of result producing foods and supplements. Focus most (80%) of your energy and time on them.

You will know when you hit the jackpot. Your gains will literally double.

What has been holding you back from making the gains you could?

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