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Eggs the best protein source for bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

No matter what the marketing propaganda of whey protein will have you believe, the best protein source is still high quality, wholesome eggs.

Keep eating eggs, they’re your best protein source

Eggs have always been used as the yardstick of protein for good reason. Most of the protein in an egg is easily digestible, especially in its raw form. It’s unadulterated, non processed and it comes with the right enzymes, fats, vitamins and minerals for it to be absorbed.

What could give eggs a bad name is what the hens laying it was fed and how it was treated. Chickens, if left to their own devices, would rarely eat soybeans, yet today, a good portion of chicken feed is soy. Ideally they’d be out on pasture, pecking at the ground, eating insects and worms, get their probiotics from the soil and move around freely. In a previous post I explained how differently chicken live now. That explains how their eggs are less than ideal.

Vince Gironda has always preached the quality of the food you consume and that included his recommendation for eggs. He said you should only consume fertile eggs when possible, since those have the properties that support the greatest release of androgens from your endocrine system. Sadly, the $3/dozen eggs in your discount food stores are unlikely to meet high quality standards.

Some people also have allergic reactions to eggs. To me that means their digestion is compromised and it’s retaliating to even wholesome foods. Some individuals are so toxic that the quality fat in eggs will induce a detox condition (drawing more toxins out than their body is ready for.)

For many years, eggs were given a bad name due to one really flawed experiment. They fed rabbits (which are vegetarian) animal protein (eggs) which caused them to develop heart disease. That bastardized eggs for their cholesterol content. What’s often forgotten is your body will produce many times more cholesterol in one day than you can ingest. The more you eat, the less it produces. You could never eat as much cholesterol as your body produces.

Let me touch on whey protein again a little bit. Whey protein gets digested rapidly and enters the blood stream too quickly to be utilized properly. The body sends a large part of it to the liver to be oxidized (used for energy). This process is called gluconeogenesis. So instead of it being used for protein synthesis, it’s used for energy production.

Eggs, on the other hand, get digested at a steady rate along with the other nutrients giving the body a wholesome dose of nutrition. I must use this quote again as it’s very appropriate: “Slow and steady wins the race” one again.

Eggs are convenient. You can pop them back raw, anywhere, anytime. If eating them raw turns you off, you can also prepare them soft boiled and take them with you anywhere. They’re delicious, versatile, relatively low cost and last quite a while even outside of the fridge. Eggs really are the best protein source for your bodybuilding needs.

I urge you to source out high quality eggs. Make sure the hens are cage free and free range and can peck at fresh grass, insects and worms. Ask about the feed they’re given and make certain there is no soy given to them. The structure of the egg will be different, the shell will be harder, the yolk rounder and the white thicker.

Can you tell the difference between high quality and cheap eggs?

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