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Keep learning about bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

Learning is the one thing that will never go out of style. Without it, life turns boring and stale.

Keep learning and applying that knowledge every day, no matter how little.

Statistically only about 10% of the population looks forward to and seeks out learning opportunities. The other 90% learns because they have to. This is why there is mandatory training for most professions. Can you imagine if there was no requirement for doctors to learn new techniques or if dentists who graduated dental school 40 years ago would be using the same methods they learned then? Things would be very interesting.

Even in the fitness industry learning is a requirement. Things come and go, some good, some pretty bad. Even the bad ones have their uses because they give you a different perspective and allow you to appreciate what you already know.

If you’re a frequent reader of my posts, I will take a wild guess and say you must be in the 10% who enjoys learning. You regularly seek out new information.

I get excited each and every time when I learn something new. It could be something really simple. That was what got me so interested in Vince Gironda ’s teachings. He always had something new up his sleeve. He was a compulsive learner too. One of the many things I admired about him is he was an implementer too. He sought out the information, when he found something he liked, he implemented it, tested it and if it worked for him, he’d pass it onto to his students. That is my goal too.

That is the real difference between a wise man/woman and an intellect. The wise man/woman actually takes action on what he/she learns. The intellect just talks about it.

The old saying of “Knowledge is power” is false. In reality, knowledge is only “potential power”. Tony Robbins said it best when he said the old saying should go “Applied knowledge is power.” You may know exactly the right foods to eat, the weight to lift, the exercises, sets and reps to perform to create a championship physique, yet without consistently doing them, that physique will elude you.

I urge you to follow the path of Vince Gironda and continue learning AND applying your knowledge. That applied knowledge will give you experience that will consistently improve the quality of your life.

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