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Breathing techniques for bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

Increase the blood flow to your muscles and in turn achieve a greater pump and better muscular contractions in each and every rep through manipulating your breath.

Manipulate your breath to get more out of your workout.

Going through an intense set, one of the main things limiting you from being able to continue is running out of oxygen. Vince Gironda had a very effective trick he practiced and taught his students. This trick is also responsible for how he was able to take such short rests between sets and just bang out set after set.

Instead of just inhaling on the eccentric part of a movement and exhaling on the concentric part, he would have you inhale AND exhale on the eccentric and again inhale AND exhale on the concentric part of the rep. This ensures ample oxygen to the muscles. It literally forces oxygen into the blood stream and at the same time giving you an unbelievable pump.

So instead of sitting and panting between your sets, hyperventilate. Bend your knees slightly, place your hands on your thighs and lift your chest high as you take 5 to 10 deep breaths. You should be ready to go and do your next set.

Vince said breathing like throughout the whole workout was the best fat trimmer he knew of.

If you have an inverted breathing pattern and your breathing is shallow, be careful with taking so much oxygen in at once, you will likely get light headed. You’ll need to work up to this technique slowly.

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