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Vince Gironda on Marijuana - Mind & Body

Posted by: Ron

Here are Vince Gironda’s thoughts on Marijuana, which most people, especially young trainees think is harmless

Know the facts before you roll and light up marijuana

Here’s what Vince wrote about a common way for people to escape their reality and how it affects your body and mind:

“The active chemical in marijuana (THC) acts directly upon the nervous system when taken into the lungs as smoke. The residue, like found in a pipe stem or cigarette paper, is taken into the lungs in the smoke, absorbed directly into the bloodstream and carried to all nerve cells of the body.

Not only does, the smoke go into the lungs, but also the residue which is the remaining part of the smoke separated from the carbon monoxide and THC and left in the lung sacs. This residue is many times more dangerous to the lungs than cigarette nicotine and tar. It also takes much longer to clean out after use has stopped.

Much worse than the damage that marijuana smoking does to the lungs is the adverse effects it has on the nervous system. The drug accumulates in the nervous system itself as a toxin, thereby degenerating the system in order to produce the euphoric feelings and reducing ability of the neurons to transmit impulses.This is the reason behind the so-called "spacing out" or drifting of consciousness. As the nervous system becomes more degenerated, the amount of THC needed to produce the euphoric feeling must be increased because the nerve cells lose sensitivity as they degenerate from the accumulation of the toxic drug.

As a result, one must increase the amount of marijuana used as time goes on, and use it more frequently to feel "high". This is the nature of addiction or dependency on the drug, as even habitual marijuana users must go through withdrawal symptoms if they wish to stop smoking it.

As the nervous system accumulates-the toxic wastes of marijuana smoke and as: the overall nervous system degenerates, the less the individual is able to cope with the ordinary stresses of life. Sounds of machines, cars or unpleasant situations cause over-reaction. Simple stress becomes unbearable. The hallucinations and consciousness changes experienced in the "euphoric high” are also results of the effect the drug has on the chemical balance.

The drug also degenerates the highly sensitive pineal and pituitary glands, and can alter basic body functions such as hormone secretion and regulation of other glands in the endocrine system.

Because of the upset of the chemical balance, the use has an over - reactive nervous system that can bring nervous breakdown. The dangers inherent in the use of marijuana cannot be overestimated.

Besides the effects on lungs and nervous system, there is a vital organ which also is damaged from the bloodstream - the liver. Because the liver works as a filter, the THC residue gets trapped in the liver's filtering lobules and accumulates along with other toxic particles that have been absorbed.

Habitual smokers have degenerated and weakened livers. This accounts for much of jaundice and hepatitis epidemics among hippies. It can also lead to sclerosis of the liver.

All these disorders prove marijuana is a dangerous drug. It is dangerous to both physical and mental health. There is also a negative psychological effect of the drug. The smoker seeks to get "high”. This is actually an escape from personal conflict with reality.

Under influence of the drug, the mind is unable to function normally. The consciousness is drawn away from intellectual and spiritual perception and pulled into sensory perception. The mind becomes dull and its activity is reduced to the sensuous, emotional level of body awareness.

The brain, too, is affected so that such things as walking and talking become impaired temporarily. The toxic THC accumulates in the brain cells and causes damage. The "spacing out" that smokers feel after they have stopped smoking for awhile is the THC that has accumulated in the brain which gets activated again when the body tries to eliminate it from the system.

The fact that anyone should believe marijuana is desirable in their lives is a good example of how perverted the values of so many people are in this era of civilization.

If so many degenerated themselves by using a poison like marijuana on such a wide scale, then civilization must also degenerate to still lower levels since people make up society.

I believe any tendency to legalize marijuana because of the profit motive or inability to enforce the law is the price civilized society has sold itself for. If marijuana is not curbed by law, which doesn't seem likely, the whole moral structure of society is undermined.

If children can no longer be protected from exposure from this harmful drug, nothing can prevent their deterioration at ages when growth and maturity are of the most importance. We need somehow to at least protect the young. This is the only hope of the future.”

Share Vince Gironda ’s teachings with anyone you know who is smoking or thinking about smoking marijuana.

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