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Confidence and Bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

Belief and confidence in yourself is one of the requirements of making continuous progress, especially in bodybuilding.

Continually work on and improve your confidence

What is confidence?

There are many definitions of confidence out there, depending on the context. The definition I like the most, and what this post is about, is: being certain that one of your predictions is correct. The more certain you are, the more confidence you have. The more confidence you have the more courage you have. With courage comes progress.

Just to be clear, confidence and arrogance are two separate things. I want to avoid confusing the two. Arrogance is being too certain about one of you predictions being correct WITHOUT any proof or merit.

Having confidence goes back to the old “mind over matter” saying. It all starts within yourself. If you believe you can do a thing, you will find a way to do it. One great example I can think of is when you think you’re using a certain weight on an exercise, yet it turns out your training partner upped the weight on you. You do your set as if it was your “usual” weight and only after your set do you find out it was 5 or 10 pounds heavier.

You were confident you could do X reps with the weight you thought you were doing and guess what, you did it. If you knew it was heavier you may have stopped a few reps earlier. So having the certainty that you’ll be able to do X reps with Y weight and actually accomplishing it gives you confidence.

The same thing can be said for putting on size or getting as lean as you think you can get.

Getting back to the title question of this post. Do you think you have what it takes to put on the size you want, get as lean as you want, be as symmetrical as you want, be as strong as you possibly can be?

If you do, I believe nothing is going to stand in your way in achieving it. On the other hand if you have doubts, then I would suggest you examine those doubts. With small, consistent steps you can prove to yourself that you can achieve certain things. Once you believe it, it’ll be much easier to reach those goals. The main rule is to start off with small increments. Build on your successes. Consistently prove to yourself that you can make progress, no matter how little at the beginning.

Just look back to when you started on your journey. Compare where were then and where you are now and how far you’ve made it.

One of the most often cited benefits I get from people who picked up the weights is how their self confidence has improved ever since they started working out. I tell them, that’s one of the side effects of bodybuilding. It increases your confidence.

So if you do nothing else to work on your confidence, just keep on working out and it will take care of itself.

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