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How to strengthen willpower for exercise

Posted by: Ron

Strengthening Your Willpower

Mind over matter is a fact. The stronger your willpower, the more you can achieve in life and in bodybuilding.

Strengthen your willpower overtime

Almost everything requires willpower. From the littlest thing of getting out of the warm bed in the morning to get ready for work to facing the heaviest weight you’ve ever lifted in the gym.

Some of it is trivial, some takes a lot to do. What’s been shown is that willpower diminishes throughout the day. You have a full tank in the morning, which is probably why it takes seemingly little effort for you to get out of bed and go to work 5 days a week.

As the day goes on, it becomes harder to do what you should do. This is how evening workouts get put off to tomorrow. Besides running out of steam throughout the day, you also run out of willpower. It takes much more effort to do what needs to get done and it usually takes longer too.

How do you strengthen your willpower?

The answer sounds simple but it’s far from easy. You strengthen it by consistently using it at a time when it’s at its fullest capacity. If you keep missing workouts because you’re too tired at the end of the day, perhaps rearranging your schedule to work out earlier in the day maybe the answer. Maybe get up an hour earlier (which means go to bed an hour earlier too) and work out first thing in the morning. Many of yesteryear’s champion’s were known to be early risers, especially Bill Pearl. Bill owned a gym and had the philosophy of the first hour in his day was his. He would have his gym all to himself and work out at 5:00am before it opened to the members at 6:00am. He knew the value of his workouts, which is one of the reasons he won all the titles that he did.

One key in strengthening your willpower is to make sure you reward yourself and you reward yourself often. Set small goals to begin with and as you achieve them, reward yourself appropriately. Small goal = small reward. The point is to create momentum, once you have it, it’ll be relatively easy to keep it going.

The great thing about strengthening your willpower with workouts is that due to the consistency, your physique will be the reward itself.

Same goes for your nutrition. The more you’re staying on the right meal plan for you, the better you’ll feel, the more energy you’ll have and your drive will also increase.

Take on the challenge and do one thing every single day to build up your willpower.

What is the greatest willpower challenge you currently have?

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