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Working out alone benefits and drawbacks

Posted by: Ron

Training with a partner has its advantages just as training alone does.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of training alone

Sometimes getting the right training partner is impossible. Perhaps you train at home or you work different shifts and your hours at the gym vary. In What is a good workout partner I outlined the qualities of your ideal training partner. If you meet the 7 criteria for an ideal training partner, then you could be your own ideal training partner.

Here are the disadvantages and advantages of training by yourself.

Disadvantages of training alone

On the other hand there are some great benefits to working out on your own.

Advantages of training alone

Vince Gironda trained alone a lot of the time, which is how he was able to focus so much on what worked.

Depending on what’s important to you, you can make the right choice. There’s also no set rule that you must train alone or with someone. You can alternate and do both.

What’s your preference? Training alone or with a partner?

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