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Get Built Like A Rugby Player

Posted by: David

About twenty years ago rugby players could afford to carry a bit of bulk from drinking too much beer as well as some regular barbell training. But today everything has changed with the big money involved in profe'ssional rugby and the players that now grace the rugby fields across the world look like powerhouses of strength and fitness.

A wing needed to only be fast and a scrum half could get away with not packing on any major muscle but this has all changed a lot. Today you'll find that every man playing on a rugby field is built like a tank whether they are 5'6" or 6'6". To survive today's game you have to be lightning fast and be nearly indestructible as well as brutal.

Besides the obvious hand-eye coordination that it takes to be a professional rugby player all of them train with weights these days. Often any good coach will also incorporate ball handling skills and perception skills that are able to improve hand-eye co-ordination as well as improve visual awareness.

Training up to 6 times a week a rugby player would usually start with a cycle on a stationary bike as a warm up and then concentrate on stretching before he starts on Olympic lifts like squats and the cleans etc. Many rugby players often do some additional single leg work, after which they would finish with supersets when doing upper body.

The coach will more than likely add some weighted sled pulling or pushing which is a great cardio workout but also for muscular endurance by increasing the grip a player has on body angles. Most rugby players would also do plenty of explosive movements like plyometrics.

These could be anything from power cleans or explosive high pulls which would all be done in a superset format. Other plyometrics that a rugby player would use are things like box jumps or lateral jumps or even one-legged bounds that get mixed up with different movements added every day.

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