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How To Get Built Arms

Posted by: Paul

If your specific objective is to increase the size of your arms then you need to stay away from isolation movements. That may sound like a paradox when you consider that muscle separation in the upper arms is achieved like any other muscle group, which is the creation of new neuromuscular pathways with an increase in blood over time.

The whole principal of Time Under tension (TUT) is based on creating these neuromuscular pathways and thereby increasing the serratedness of the muscle. But doing these isolation movements for this objective of showing separation in your arms does not build size.

The only way to build size is to get strong using strict form. The stronger a muscle the bigger a muscle but doing biceps is a waste of time if your objective is size. The triceps are 80% of the total size of your upper arm. This means that when your triceps get strong your arms get bigger it's as simple as that.

For example did you know that when you train with your own bodyweight or some extra weight attached to your body somehow you will automatically be able to activate more muscle fibres than you would be using if you just worked on a machine or pulley system.

The result is that if you want to get size on your arms fast then the simple answer is dips. You can even do dips three times a week by simply adding three or four sets of dips at the end of your workout. You could easily take this a step farther by using rings which will activate even more muscle fibres.

When you are ready to add extra weight to your bodyweight then you should change from three times a week to twice a week. If you have been training for more than a year then you should do one heavy workout and then one light workout.

This means that when you add weight to your belt when doing dips you will try do as many reps as you can which should be more than 8. This is your light workout where you do 4 sets of as many reps as possible. Your heavy workout will be 8 reps of a weight you cannot do 9 with.

The next exercise to build huge arms fast is the reduced range of motion bench-press. The triceps are directly involved in the press and lockout at the top of the press movement. By doing this movement with a heavy weight you will quickly see the results in your upper arm size.

If you use a piece of board like a 2 X 4 on your chest when doing this movement it makes it a lot easier to use a heavy weight. The triceps are the three long muscles that insert at the scapula and end in different places along the humerus bone of the upper arm.

The biceps are 20% of the total size of your arm but they still need to be trained to increase their size and give you a balanced arm. The long head and the short head of the biceps can be directly focused on by simply changing your grip when doing pull-ups or lat.pull-downs.

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