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Milk for muscle growth

Posted by: Ron

The old time bodybuilders, before steroids, all consumed large quantities of milk to gain size.

Enjoy milk and all dairy products for their benefits

Among the many benefits of milk is its high quality protein content. It tastes great, it’s convenient and it goes down easy. In one of Vince Gironda’s courses, Vince wrote:

“Milk and milk products (cheese, etc.) contain the anterior pituitary hormone which is secreted by the cow when lactating to accelerate growth of her calf. When humans consume cow's milk, they also can benefit from the growth hormone contained in it.”

Baby cows (calves) double in size in 45 days where human babies take 180 days to do the same. Colostrum is what the mother cow produces right after giving birth for its calf which is full of immune boosting enzymes, friendly bacteria, protein and growth hormones.

Cow’s milk also contains four times the lysine of human milk. Lysine is an essential amino acid required for growth.

The number one choice of milk is certified raw milk – it has all its enzymes intact along with alive and friendly bacteria.

No wonder the old school bodybuilders drank gallons of milk per day. Don Howorth, 1967 Mr America, for example drank 3 quarts of raw milk just during his workouts. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 163 lbs, he says he had a hard time gaining weight. He took very little in way of supplements at the time, but besides drinking a lot of the white stuff, he ate ample beef, eggs, rice and other carbohydrates. He got his weight up to 232 lbs . This was before he met Rheo Blair.

Since certified raw milk was available in California, the guys had easy access to it. Perhaps that may have something to do with why so many famous bodybuilders of that era were from the west coast.

If you’re looking to put on size, have you tried increasing your milk intake?

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