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Benefits of raw goat milk bodybuilding

Posted by: Ron

If you have the opportunity to get raw goat’s milk, it would be a very good idea to drink it as it has many benefits and a few differences from cow’s milk.

If you can find it, drink raw goat’s milk

Goat’s milk has a few advantages over cow’s milk especially if your digestive system is very sensitive.

Goat’s milk vs Cow’s milk

Some people find the taste undesirable especially after a few days. If you can get it, it’s a highly nutritious whole food with all the benefits of raw cow’s milk with a few additional ones. The environment of the goats is very important, just like it is with cows so make sure you can visit the farms if at all possible.

Another thing to mention is the immune system boosting properties of milk from goats.

People attribute drinking goat milk as one of the reasons Mahatma Gandhi was able to get back to health as rapidly as he did after many LONG fasts.

Have you ever tasted raw milk from goats? What are your thoughts if you did?

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