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Steak tartare bodybuilding dinner recipe

Posted by: Ron

The steak tartare was said to be the favorite of the Tartars, who were fierce warriors full of strength, vigor, endurance and vitality in the 13th century

Prepare and eat steak tartare, for renewed energy and strength

The story goes that the Tartars would take their steaks (cow or horse meat) and put them under their saddles while riding. By the end of the day, the meat was well tenderized and ready to be eaten.

Vince Gironda spoke and wrote highly of this meal for people wanting to get stronger and build size quickly while keeping their energy levels high. He termed it a basic strength food. One of the key points in preparing it is making sure you get very high quality and fresh ingredients, especially the meat. The gourmet version would be beef tenderloin literally scraped into a fine mince. High quality, fresh, finely ground grass fed beef does the trick at a fraction of the cost of the tenderloin. It also tastes great.

Steak Tartare recipe:

Mix the salt and pepper with the ground meat. Form it into 2 or 4 round balls, depending on how much of it you want to eat at one sitting. Press down on the top, creating a dimple in the center. That’s where you’ll sprinkle the chopped onions, parsley and capers, split evenly between the 2 or 4 meat patties. Once the seasoning is on, crack the eggs and place their yolk on the center of each patty.

A serving of steak tartare

Vince wrote:

This dish may be accompanied by fresh asparagus simmered in onion soup. Both asparagus and onions are stimulating foods of the first order.

There are concerns of food bourn illnesses. In Europe, this dish is offered in many restaurants. Keep in mind that the source and quality of the meat will determine its safety. The healthier the animal was (grass fed cows are much healthier) the higher quality and safer the meat.

The digestion of steak tartare will be very easy. You’ll feel satisfied without feeling stuffed.

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