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Ground beef bodybuilding lunch recipe

Posted by: Ron

Minced or ground beef makes an excellent power lunch because it’s easy to make, sustains you for a long time and allows you finish the work day strong

Eat a nutrient dense and energy packed lunch that includes grass fed ground beef

You might be seeing a trend here with meals. Hardly anything beats beef in a bodybuilder’s diet. The champions of the past, before steroids, built their physiques on red meat and liver. Ground beef just makes preparation quick, easy and simple. It’s also easy to eat.

Ground beef recipes:

WhatVince Gironda called a power lunch was minced beef mixed with salt, pepper, finely chopped onions, finely chopped parsley, finely chopped garlic, a pinch of oregano and an egg or two. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed those ingredients in a bowl, you could do many things with it.

  1. Break it up into pieces and roll those pieces into many small, bite sized balls and bake or fry them in butter or coconut oil.
  2. Make them into burger patties and fry them that way, again, in butter, lard or coconut oil.
  3. Line your frying pan with some butter or coconut oil and put the mixture in there, continuously breaking the pieces apart so once cooked, you’re left with a ground beef that you can eat on its own or with vegetables
  4. Put the ground beef mixture in a glass dish, bake it in one piece and turn it into meatloaf, then serve it with sauteed mushrooms

You can pour some tomato sauce on the small bite sized meat balls and enjoy them that way too.

All of these meals can literally be made within 20 – 30 minutes depending on whether you bake or fry them. They’re also very portable, low cost yet nutritious. They’ll fill you up, give you energy and ensure a good supply of proteins to your muscles and cells. You can mix up the spices to get different flavors as well, for variety.

Do you have a favorite recipe made from ground beef?

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