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Is olive oil good for bodybuilding?

Posted by: Ron

Olive trees are known to exceed over 2000 years, their longevity and the vitality of the people who consume olives and olive oil regularly are noteworthy

Use high quality, fresh and cold pressed olive oil whenever possible, on food as a salad oil, on your skin, in your hair

The olive's composition is 50% fat so it continuously gives you energy for up to 6 hours.  Vince Gironda called olives a "fantastic source of sex energy" as well as "a rejuvenator or a longevity food."

Buyer beware when it comes to olive oil

The olive oil "scam" is well documented, especially online.  The so called extra virgin, cold pressed olive oils available on your supermarket shelves are far from the claims of the label.  They come from less than trustworthy sources so be careful when buying them.  Because there's very loose (if any) regulation of labelling, inferior and low quality products are sold as "extra virgin".  They can use inferior olives (even rotten ones) as long as they get heat treated which neutralizes its odor.  They could also be cut with inferior seed oils, like soybean or sunflower yet still be labelled as extra virgin olive oil.

The good news is, according to numerous surveys and tests, olive oil produced in the United States exceeds the quality of olive oil imported from international sources.

Age of the oil should be a great deciding factor as the longer it stands after it's been pressed, the more it oxidizes.  All the more reason to get your olive oil form as near to you as possible to avoid extended transportation times.  There may even be a vendor at your local farmer's market who presses high quality olives for you.  It's worth asking around.

I emphasize the quality and freshness because it makes a really big difference when it comes to olive oil.  You want to make sure you're getting the real deal.

Olive oil also contains antioxidants that have protective properties against both heart disease and cancer.

If you have dry skin, olive oil is a really good alternative to chemical filled creams.  It makes your skin silky without any allergic reactions and has been shown to protect against sun damage.  In mice, it even reduced the number of tumors that developed from extreme sun exposure.  Olive oil is also very nourishing to your hair, especially if your hair is dry.  Just be careful with your clothes and fabrics around.

Avoid cooking with olive oil, it has a relatively low temperature tolerance and heat will denature the fats.  Keep it cold or room temperature.

In summary, get the freshest and highest quality olive oil possible.  Keep it in a cool and dark place to prevent it from oxidizing too fast.  Use it at room temperature or cooler.  Never cook with it.  Finally, use it both internally, by eating it as well as externally on your skin and hair.

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