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How to Increase Energy for Bodybuilders

Posted by: Ron

Avoid all energy leaks you can control in order to preserve as much energy as possible

If you could concentrate all your energy on one goal, you would achieve it in record time.  If all you had to do was focus on bodybuilding, you'd have a fantastic physique.  The reality is, you have to make a living so part of your concentration will be going to that.  You have friends and family who depend on you so another part of your concentration will go there.  All of this is well and good because you need money to live and relationships are what make your life full. It's ok that these will take some of your energy away from your bodybuilding goals.

I'm talking about the other energy leaks.  The energy leaks you can control.  The physical and mental energy leaks.

What causes physical energy leaks?

As wrote, causes of physical energy leaks include:

I would add

What causes mental energy leaks?

Vince's list of causes of mental energy leaks are:

I'd further expand on that list and include:

The common denominator is that all of these energy leaks can be prevented.  If it were a sinking boat with holes in it, each of these holes could be plugged in to seal that boat back up.  The physical leaks are easier to fill because you can make the necessary changes relatively easily.  The mental causes of energy leaks can be tougher, especially if you've never looked at them as something you can control.  Most of those negative feelings could be summarized as fear.  Be it fear of the unknown, fear of the known, fear of being out of control and even the fear of responsibility that may come.  Your mind can and does play many tricks on you.

Vince has always maintained that tranquility is the first asset to good health.  That's when all possible holes of the sinking ship are plugged up.  The ship can sail without fear of sinking.

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