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Vince Gironda On Nutrition And Cholesterol

Posted by: Ron

Vince Gironda has always been vocal about misinformation, be it about training or about the correlation of nutrition and cholesterol

Know what food group causes a rise in serum cholesterol levels

Here's a quote Vince wrote about what really causes an elevation of cholesterol in your blood.

A word to those who do not understand cholesterol: Exercise is the very best fat emulsifier known . . . Because man still reacts to stress (which is the primary cause of cholesterol overproduction) as he did when in a primitive state. Cholesterol calls for action (Fight or Flight). Cholesterol prepares you in case of injury (stops bleeding if you are cut or protects a rupture of veins). Also, a little known fact is that the body manufactures more cholesterol than you can possibly eat. The body reduces cholesterol output - or produces more - depending on how much of it you ingest. Fats and oils are fat emulsifiers themselves (lipotropics). So, who started the misconception that fats and oils cause unnatural cholesterol levels? As a matter of fact, if you study this problem you will find it is a substance known as triglyceride that is the culprit. Remember, nature is balance. Read Steffanson's book, "Not By Bread Alone". He lived with the Eskimos for 18 years on Meat and Fat Only!

The biggest culprit is stress.  That word is being used very often these days, yet it's the main reason your cholesterol elevates.  Exercise is called a stress reliever for a reason.  This is why you feel less stressed after working out.

There is definitely a relationship between nutrition and cholesterol, except it's the opposite of what's touted out there.  It's the high carbohydrate diets that increase stress on your digestive system, pancreas and other glands and weakening your  immune system in the process.  Fats are there to help.

As Vince mentions, the negative link of nutrition and cholesterol is about triglycerides, more than they are about fats.

If you've ever had your cholesterol checked by your doctor, did s/he mention your triglyceride levels at all?

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