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Can You Build Muscle With High Reps?

Posted by: Kevin

If you're just starting to exercise to build muscle, you may wonder if you can build muscle with high reps. There was a time that this was thought to be the best way to get fit, but we now know that it's better to exercise with fewer reps, but more intensity.

Instead of using a light weight and performing several sets with high reps, you're better off choosing a heavier weight and fewer reps. In fact, you can have great success with performing one set of 8 reps instead of three sets of 10 reps. The most important part of your routine is getting to muscle failure at the end of your set. It may take you a few sessions to figure out what weight will get you there, but with some practice you'll find the perfect amount of weight. You need to be able to complete eight reps with a weight using the full range of motion. By the last rep you should feel like you can't do any more - at least in a slow and controlled manner.

This is called muscle failure. You should look for exercises that work on more than one muscle at once so that you get even more efficiency form your workout routine. You don't need to continue to perform rep after rep to build muscle. In fact, that can actually have the opposite effect. The best way to exercise to build muscle is by working at a high intensity for a shorter amount of time. And after a strenuous workout you need to allow your body to rest so that you can get proper recovery.

There are occasions where using lighter weights and performing more reps can be beneficial. For example, if you have an injury, this can help you to slowly build strength until you can lift more weight. Using lighter weights is also better for people who have joint problems or arthritis that make lifting heavy weights difficult or even impossible. But for the average person really looking to add muscle it's better to use heavier weights and lower reps. You can build muscle with high reps, but if you're looking to build your body and add a lot of bulk, this isn't as effective as higher weights and higher intensity exercise with lower numbers of reps and sets.

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