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Build muscle mass the Vince Gironda way

Posted by: Ron

A lot has been written about how to build muscle over the years. Here’s what I learned from Vince Gironda about how to do it most effectively.

Vince Gironda was way ahead of his time. He trained bodybuilding champions and movie stars in his north Hollywood gym. He’s run his gym for nearly 50 years in the same location.

He’s often quoted as saying bodybuilding is 85% nutrition. That means it requires 85% nutrition both to build muscle and to shed body fat. That sounds like a daunting ratio at first until you realize that every single muscle cell (or any cell for that matter) gets made from what you put in your mouth. Exercise is the stimulus but the food is the raw material.

He had quite a few things to say over the nearly 50 years of being a gym owner.

He considered blood to build muscle. So enriching the blood supply was on top of his lists. He achieved that by suggesting to eat liver (or take liver tablets) along with vitamin B supplements because they increase the production of red blood cells as well as blood volume. The greater blood volume carries more oxygen (added vitamin E will further improve the oxygenation of your blood) which allows you to do more work with shorter rest periods. This has now been proven by science to produce the greatest hypertrophy. The increased blood volume will also improve your pump during your workouts which carries more nutrients to the muscle cells allowing them to recover faster and to grow bigger.

Vince was also a proponent of digestive enzymes, especially hydrochloric acid when one’s goal is to build muscle. Adequate hydrochloric acid will make sure you break down and absorb as much of the protein in your food as possible. It also eliminates bloating if you experience that after a high protein meal. Balance is the key rather than volume. Too much protein at one sitting can be nearly as bad as too little.

For more information on Vince’s philosophy on how to build muscle go to The Training and Diet Secrets of Vince Gironda

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