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Vince Gironda's 10 rules if you're underweight

Posted by: Ron

Vince pulled no punches and told you as he saw it. He spent most of his life experimenting with his own body and that of his students’ to figure out what works. He kept what worked and threw away bad advice. This is how he was able to come up with his routines, both nutritional and exercise, to help build great physiques.

As quite a few of his students wanted to gain muscle size, he wrote 10 rules for anyone who was underweight that wanted to build muscle.

10 Rules If You’re Underweight

1. Never overeat! This causes weight loss.

2. Eat very small meals every three hours.

3. Never allow yourself to get hungry.

4. Absolutely no smoking! Nicotine constricts the capillaries for as long as eight hours, as well as burning 25 mg of Vitamin C.

5. Always eat something before retiring.

6. Regularity in eating and sleeping habits as well as workouts is very important. The body responds to regularity.

7. Get control of your emotions – resist letting them control you. Nervous energy causes a shut-off of all your endocrine secretions.

8. Always maintain that full, satisfied feeling.

9. Calm down! Slow down! You are burning up too much of what you eat and because you are too tense and entirely too active you are constantly losing weight

10. Be sure to sit or lie down with feet and legs elevated after each meal. This allows one-third of the blood in the body to concentrate around the stomach, for maximum digestion; also, it allows the food to remain longer in the stomach and tilts the stomach on its side so that the food remains in it longer, rather than falling through as in the standing position.

Following those 10 rules has helped countless number of underweight bodybuilders pack on size.

For more information go to Vince Gironda Training and Diet

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