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Arnold Schwarzenegger Protein Shake Recipe

Arnold Schwarzenegger Protein Drink

Posted by: Paul

Q. I am trying to find out what Arnold Schwarzenegger used for and in his protein drinks when he was competing as a bodybuilder, but when I search online all I can find is his current protein drink recipe which says he uses plant based protein - I know he didn't use vegan protein back in his bodybuilding days. So can you help me find his actual bodybuilding protein shake?

A. You are right, these days Arnold says he follows a mostly vegan diet, but back when he was winning Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, he followed a high protein diet, he built his muscle mass with meat, eggs and milk.

When Arnold first came to America he was very big, but he was smooth and needed more muscle definition, it was Vince Gironda and Rheo Blair that taught Arnold the high protein and low carbohydrate diet and got Arnold ripped while keeping all his hard earned muscle mass.

The following was the actual protein shake recipe Arnold Schwarzenegger used in his bodybuilding days:

16 ounces milk
6 ounces cream
4 eggs
4 teaspoons lecithin granules
1/2 cup Rheo Blair milk-and-egg protein powder
1 banana or other fruit, vanilla extract, etc. for flavoring.

He also would occasionally use his secret ingredient, "a little bit of schnapps" he said it would help with the absorption of the protein.

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