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Vince Gironda Sleep: Want More Muscle? Sleep More!

Posted by: Ron

Studies show time and time again, when you sleep more, you recover quicker from any adversary, be it an illness, a hangover, injury, or an intense workout.

To build more muscle faster, simply sleep more.

If you change nothing else, your workout stays the same, your nutrition stays the same yet you increase your sleep, you will put on more muscle.  When you sleep makes a difference and so do the duration and quality of your sleep.  Sometimes you have little control over when you wake up in the morning.  Your school or job will start at a certain time which is hard to change.  The one thing you have full control over is when you go to bed.  Remember that!  So if building muscle and gaining size is high on your list of priorities, make sure you go to bed as early as you possibly can and sleep more.

If there was one "magic pill" out there that could help with anything, that would be sleep.  It's your best defence against stress, oxidization of your cells, pollution and even aging.  Vince was a big advocate of sleep.

Vince Gironda on what you get if you sleep more:

"Studies now indicate that sleep in ample amounts is needed for good health, energy and strength. Amazing results have been obtained from the European School of Sleep Therapy in problems of premature aging and nervous exhaustion. These cases, by either natural or artificially-induced sleep, have responded and the patients were restored to normal health and vigor."

It's hard to argue with science.

There will always be reasons why you "could" stay up late.  Socializing with friends, parties, get-togethers, work, TV shows, movies, dating, sports... At the end of the day, literally, you get to make the decision what's more important to you.  A short term "good time" or improving your health, increasing your energy levels, getting stronger and building more muscle long term.  I agree, at times, it's a tough call.  The power is in your hands and with each decision you make, you're shaping your future.

Babies sleep most of the day and only wake up to eat every three hours or so.  Why?  Because they're growing.  Mother nature knows a thing or two.  Same goes for animals, puppies and kittens catch some zees whenever they can, they sleep more than they're awake, that's how they have the energy to play for hours and hours when they get the chance.

Will you trade short term gains for long term pain or will you make that tough call and endure the short term pain for long term gains?

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