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To Build Muscle, Stop Smoking

Posted by: Ron

If you smoke and expect to gain size, you are likely in for a big surprise.  Smoking halts your progress dead in its tracks.

Stop smoking or make sure you never start so you can build muscle faster

At one point, doctors recommended smoking, especially if you had anxiety.  You might recall these popular ads from the 1940s:

"More Doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette".

We've come a long way in the last 65 years.

The effects of smoking are now common knowledge yet people still start it up.  Starting is easy, stopping is the hard part.

Smoking and bodybuilding

Vince Gironda had many things to say about smoking.  Few were positive especially when it came to bodybuilders who were trying to put on size.  Here's a quote from the Iron Guru regarding smoking:

"Weight gainers in particular take heed of the fact that cigarette smoking interferes with gaining weight and muscle growth, as it destroys the appetite by raising the blood sugar level temporarily. It will also shrink capillaries and so interfere with muscle growth."

This habit, besides just thinning your wallet also restricts your arteries, reducing the amount of nutrients to your muscles which blunts cell growth.  On top of that you inhale an enormous number of toxins (600 or so) which when burned create over 4,000 chemicals!  Through the burning of these toxins, your system gets flooded with free radicals which drastically damage cells.

Imagine how you damage cells through your workout, then smoke a cigarette which further oxidizes and damages cells while preventing nutrients, including the anti-oxidants to get to the cells.  No wonder smokers age much faster, their skin gets wrinkled and turns lifeless.

How could you build size with all of that against you?

Yes, it is tough to break this disempowering habit, at the same time, the results of continually smoking are way worse.  This goes back to choosing the short term pain of quitting smoking for the long term gain of energy, health and the ability to build size quicker.

If you successfully quit, how did you do it?  What would you recommend to those who're still smoking?

Vince Gironda Bodybuilding Workout

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