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Certified Raw Milk To Build Muscle

Posted by: Ron

One of the secrets of the old time bodybuilders to build muscle was certified raw milk, Vince Gironda popularized it in his gym.  It works.

Regularly drink certified raw milk to build muscle

If you follow my daily tips, you've no doubt read my series on raw milk so you already know its benefits.  In this post, I'd like to share what Vince Gironda wrote about certified raw milk.  As you know, the Iron Guru was the "go to" trainer for bodybuilders, actors and actresses when they wanted to get results fast.

Vince Gironda on certified raw milk

"The strongest men in history have always been big milk drinkers. BUT, remember - USE ONLY CERTIFIED RAW MILK. The enzymes have not been destroyed by heat (Pasteurization). All 18 Amino Adds are 100% available, including 10 that are indispensable. Trace minerals, all 24 or more, are also totally available. All fats are metabolically available as are the 18 fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated.

CERTIFIED RAW MILK is also cleaner than Pasteurized milk or cream. In the certified raw milk, the bacterial count may not exceed 5,000 per cc while in the Pasteurized milk, it is allowed 15,000 bacterial count per cc. Pasteurized cream is permitted 25,000 per cc.

Pasteurized milk is heated from 165 degrees to 167 degrees for 22 seconds or longer. Any temperature above the cow's normal blood heat of 100 degrees, alters the milk and the higher the temperature used in the Pasteurization process, the greater loss of essential food elements that we must have every day. I helped pioneer certified raw milk in my gymnasium and feel it is the most important factor in gaining weight which I have to offer my members.

Of all my many test diets and fasts, one three- month period, in which I lived on cream and protein (milk and eggs) exclusively, proved to me you cannot experience BETTER HEALTH or a higher sense of well- being by any other diet combination."

What's your experience with raw milk?

Vince Gironda Nutrition

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