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Digestion Is Key To Gain Muscle Size

Posted by: Ron

In order to gain size, you must absorb and assimilate as much of the nutrients from your food as possible.

Improve your digestion to gain size

You can eat all the food you want, the highest quality, the purest source yet if your digestive system is weak, you'll literally be flushing your money down the toilet.  In order to gain size, it's critical that you improve your digestive system so you can break down the amino acids from your protein sources and repair damaged cells and build new muscle tissue.

Here's one trick that Vince Gironda had outstanding results with.  He actually suggested it to those who wanted to gain size as well as to those wanting to lose weight.  That's whow crucial digestion is to your weight goals.

Digestion and Bodybuilding

Vince wrote:

"Should a feeling of fullness and/or gas follow a meal, digestion can be improved by taking a hydrochloric acid tablet, a dill pickle or a teaspoon of vinegar."

Gases, fullness and bloating are signals that instead of being digested, the food in your stomach is fermenting.  Most often this is due to low hydrochloric acid production.  This could be caused by many things.  The usual culprit is eating too much carbohydrates for too long and weakening your digestive system.  Low hydrochloric acid production is always accompanied by low zinc levels.  This is how the vicious cycle begins.  Low zinc levels cause you to produce less hydrochloric acid.  The less hydrochloric acid you produce, the less zinc you absorb and on and on.  This can only end when you take matters into your own hands and improve your digestion.

Vince's suggestion is a quick fix, a boost, if you will, to get you going.  To continue that improvement and keep the momentum going is up to you.

Vince Gironda Diet

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