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Vince Gironda Weight Loss Diet

Posted by: Ron

One of the things Vince Gironda was famous for was getting his trainees to get lean in the shortest amount of time. I’ll explain his weight loss methods.

Use time proven methods for weight loss

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent to see Vince when he came to America. He was big and carried quite a bit of bulk (fat in today’s terms) and his German sponsor knew Vince would be the guy to get him lean. Arnold went to Vince’s gym for two years until Joe Weider signed him.

One of Vince’s secrets to weight loss was diet and nutrition. He knew what would help the most and what would give you the quickest results without compromising health or sacrificing muscle tissue.

Vince Gironda’s view on weight loss:

“Cut your carbohydrates to a bare minimum. Use fat as a source of energy, but discontinue fats every so often and you will get a dramatic fat loss. Fats are necessary to ward off nervousness and weakness. Fat supplies the nerve endings with a protective covering to protect you from nerves. A good breakfast high in fats can and will keep your blood sugar up for as long as 6 hours.”

You can use nutrients to your advantage. Eat enough dense calories and your appetite will be satisfied for longer. Vince was also a big believer in being lean all year long instead of the yo-yo dieting of bulking up in the off season and leaning out for contests. That’s just too much stress on the body. Maintaining a low body fat percentage is quite simple once you’re lean enough. Your body will want to stay lean by default and there’ll be no need to focus a lot of energy on weight loss.

For more information see Vince Gironda Diet and Training .

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