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Bodybuilding food sensitivity

Posted by: Ron

The Hidden Dangers In Food Sensitivities

One man's cure is another man's poison.  Some food sensitivities can literally make you sick and even hospitalize you

How to find out whether you have food sensitivities

Up to 50% of all Americans are estimated to have food sensitivities.  That means one in 2 people!

Food sensitivities are more difficult to detect than allergies as the signs maybe very minute, hard to read and easily brushed off.  It could be as little as a small sneeze or an itchy ear.  Often sensitivities and allergies are used interchangeably yet allergies tend to be a lot more pronounced and have stronger symptoms.

For example, having a slice or two of pizza makes your pants tighter in the waist and you automatically loosen your belt one notch.  You think nothing of it because you've done it often enough.  Or after having a piece of strawberry, as delicious it is, your ear slightly itches.  Or you may notice you developed a canker sore inside your mouth but fail to put two and two together and recall that you had a great serving of delicious tomatoes.  All of these things have happened to me.

The good news is, food sensitivities are signs from your body that something is amiss and a request to do something about it.  Unfortunately our bodies came without an owner's manual so we're left on our own to figure it out.

Here are some signs that could give you an indication of that you may have food or chemical sensitivities:

The list literally just goes on and on.

If you're gains have stalled and you suspect food or chemical sensitivities might be playing a role, the simplest thing you can do is avoid eating the suspected foods (one at a time) for at least 2 weeks, then reintroducing it, thereby challenging your immune system.  If you do have some sensitivities, your body will tell you very shortly after it comes in contact with something it's sensitive to after being without it for 2 weeks.

A very crude example would be a smoker.  When a smoker stops smoking for 2 weeks (it may take much less time) then lights his or her first cigarette afterwards, s/he will get a very similar reaction as when s/he inhaled cigarette smoke for the very first time.  After a few seconds/minutes, it will go away and the body will surrender and the brain will numb the signals.

This is why it's important to avoid the suspected irritant 100% for the two weeks.

The main allergens seem to be gluten, eggs (egg whites mostly), commercial dairy, shell fish and nuts.  Sometimes it's the pesticides used on crops and fruits that cause a reaction as well.

Start keeping a food diary that includes how each of your meals make you feel.  Note anytime you feel a little bloating, or you sneeze or itch.  If you see a pattern after eating a certain food, do an experiment and eliminate it fully form your diet for 2 weeks, then reintroduce it.

Let me know what conclusions you come up with.

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