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Reduce Toxins Going Into Your Body

Posted by: Ron

They can never be eliminated but you can greatly reduce toxins going into your body

Reduce toxins in your body and relieve the stress on your liver

You're exposed to toxins wherever you go.  There are toxins in the air you breathe if you live in an urban environment.  Gas fumes from cars, construction and regular air pollution.  Personal care products carry them as well as plastics.

50% to 95% of commercially-grown foods in the US have had pesticide residues detected on them!!  That's a staggering number when you think about it.  Up to 95% of commercially grown food has some sort of chemical on it.

Commercially raised beef is very near the top of that list.  As well as dairy that contains rBGH (which is cancer causing!)

When it comes to avoiding ingesting most of the toxins, your best options is organic and biodynamic foods.  Vince Gironda wrote decades ago about the benefits of organic food and back then, only the real health nuts would seek them out.  Luckily for us, it's more and more easy to find high quality organic meats, fruit and produce.

Local farmers' markets are within reach for the urban dwellers so no matter where you live, you can get fresh, healthy food from the farmers themselves, cutting out the transportation and storing of food.  Most of them hold open houses where you can go, visit their farm and see exactly where your food comes from.

Do a search on the Internet for local farmers' markets near where you live, visit them and taste the difference in freshly picked fruits and vegetables and share your recommendations.

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