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Mike Mentzer routine question about rest

Posted by: Hamed


Thank you for the summarized details of Mike Mentzer's ideal work out program. One area of confusion for me is the proper amount of rest time in between workouts. I read on your guide that there should be a full three days of recovery before the next workout session, meaning that workouts should be done no more frequently than every fourth day. However, I have also read that Mike Mentzer worked out 2-3 times per week. How does this allow the adequate rest time in between workouts that he recommended?

Thank you for your time and attention!


Re: Mike Mentzer routine question about rest

Posted by: Paul

You can't just follow some routine you read online and expect results. Mike Mentzer said that not everyone is the same as far as exercise tolerance (how much work you can do in an exercise session) and recovery ability (how fast your body can recover from a workout). He said that some people have a very fast recovery ability and some people have a very slow recovery ability, and there is everything in-between.

No workout routine is one size fits all, so you have to know by self experimentation how often you can train each body part so that you are not over training, but you also don't want to under train either.

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