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High Intensity Workout Injuries

Posted by: Cody

I have a question.

I "bought into" Mike Mentzer's idea of higher intensity and less volume. I caught on quick and continued adding on weight, injuring/aggravating an old shoulder injury I had surgery on in the late 80's. I'm still working out, paying very close attention to the shoulder. That being said, I'm starting a new workout routine that says, 5 sets of 6 to 8 reps "adding weight each set".

How can I do this and stay healthy/injury free?



Re: High Intensity Workout Injuries

Posted by: Paul

The truth is that when Mike Mentzer trained me the very slow and perfect form he made me use didn't allow for super heavy weights. The only times I have ever been injured is when I used too much weight while also lifting too fast and with sloppy form.

You can still lift "Heavy" as long as you use slow and perfect form, and don't use exercises that aggravate the previously injured area.

Also one of the benefits of pre exhaust training, such as doing lateral raises and then with do rest doing shoulder presses is it limits the weight you use on your presses but you feel it in the shoulders muscles even more.

Also maybe stay in a higher rep range such as 10 to 15 reps.

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