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Mike Mentzer workout frequency

Posted by: Evan

I had read your article on Mike Mentzer and had some questions. I have been doing a little more research but haven't found the answer yet. He said that 1 workout every 4 days was the ideal duration of training sessions. Now every 4 days on training day should I work on only one particular muscle group or all of them that way in another 4 days I have all of them again. How does that work? Thank you for the help -Evan

Re: Mike Mentzer workout frequency

Posted by: Paul

If you are talking about the workout routine from Heavy Duty 2, the 4 way split is 1) Chest and Back, 2) Legs, 3) Shoulders and Arms, 4) Legs.

But, no Mike Mentzer never said that this was the ideal workout frequency for everyone, that would depend of your own personal training experience, exercise tolerance and recovery ability. For some people this routine would be too little was far as volume and frequency and for some it would be too much.

I fully cover this and how to find the right workout volume and frequency for you in my new book on Mike Mentzer training see https://www.trulyhuge.com/mike-mentzer-book.html https://www.trulyhuge.com/mike-mentzer-book.html

If you have any other questions about Mike Mentzer or High Intensity Training email me and I'll get back to you with an answer as quick as I can.

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