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Nitrogen Balance for Muscular Growth

Posted by: Ron

Negative nitrogen balance is bad, positive nitrogen balance is very good

Keep a positive nitrogen balance

What is nitrogen balance?  It's a measure of the difference between the nitrogen that's ingested and the nitrogen that's excreted. Meaning if you subtract the excreted nitrogen from the ingested nitrogen and you come up with a negative number, it's usually associated with high fever, burns and some type of wasting and atrophy.  On the other hand a positive nitrogen balance is associated with some type of growth, repair, regeneration and pregnancy (which is all of the above.)

Protein intake increases your nitrogen levels and it can be measured through urea concentration in the urine.

One of the main reasons bodybuilders started eating every 3 hours was to ensure a positive nitrogen balance throughout the day.  Vince Gironda and Rheo Blair used to recommend eating 2 to 3 liver tablets as well as 5 to 10 amino acid tablets every 2 hours to have the exact same desired effect.  Bodybuilders like Larry Scott, Freddie Ortiz and Don Howorth, back in their day had flat stomachs and looked healthy.  They definitely ate hearty portions but never developed the blocky physiques today's pros have.  Vince also used to recommend eating a dozen (up to three dozen) eggs a day.  Eating roughly a couple of eggs every 2 waking hours.

Both his and Rheo's protein drink recommendations were to make one large blender full of a protein shake, almost as thick as pudding and sip it throughout the day.  This was for the exact same reason, to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, keeping you in an anabolic state all day.

Both Vince and Rheo have helped countless of their clients put on muscular size by keeping them in positive nitrogen balance.

Keep in mind, it requires a relatively little amount of protein to keep you in the positive zone so when you're short on time, a couple of desiccated liver tablets along with a few amino acid tablets will carry you to your next meal, no need to stress about it.

If you're looking to put on some muscular size, make sure you stay in the positive zone.  Do it consistently for a month and watch your gains.  Let me know what differences you notice.

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