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Mike Mentzer Squat

Mike Mentzer Squats

Posted by: Paul

Best Single Exercise

Mike Mentzer when asked if he had to choose one exercise as the best or most productive which would it be, answered that it was the squat.

Here's what he said:

"That's an easy one, really. The barbell squat is unquestionably the most stimulating exercise anyone could do. When growth is stimulated in any muscle, then growth is also stimulated, though to a lesser degree, in the rest of the body. This 'Indirect Effect' seems to be proportional to the size of the muscle being stimulated. Since the legs are the biggest muscles in the body, their stimulation will have the greatest effect of stimulating growth in the rest of the body. And as squats tend to involve more of the various leg muscles during execution it is the most productive exercise of all."

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