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Mike Mentzer Overtraining

Posted by: Thomas

Just what is "overtraining" and how is it bad? I never understood this when Mike mentioned it.

Re: Mike Mentzer Overtraining

Posted by: Paul

Just like if you go out in the summer sun for too long and too often, you will not get a tan you will actually get burned. Or if you took too much of a medicine such as a pain killer you can overdose. You can also workout too long and too often that you don't gain size and strength, you may get smaller and weaker and can even get sick or injured.

The above is exactly what overtraining is and why it is bad.

Here's what Mike Mentzer said about overtraining:

"Overtraining is not just something merely 'kinda' or 'sorta' negative - it is much worse than that. Overtraining is the worst training mistake a bodybuilder can make; it is precisely that which militates against the desired result. Overtraining, by definition, means performing any more exercise than is minimally required to trigger the growth mechanism into motion. Most bodybuilders today still operate on the notion that their purpose is to discover how many sets they can do, how much they can take or how long they can endure. And such is erroneous because bodybuilding is not aerobic. A bodybuilding workout is not an endurance contest! The actual, literal purpose of a bodybuilder is not to discover how many sets he can endure, but to intelligently do what nature requires merely to trigger the growth mechanism into motion, then get the hell out of the gym, go home, rest and GROW!"

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