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Consistency Is The Key To Bodybuilding Success

Posted by: Ron

Without consistency, you may as well say good-bye to achieving your goals

Keep on keeping on consistently

There are numerous variables you need to look at and follow if you want to succeed in building a healthy physique you can be proud of and one which will serve you for life.  You need goals because you must know where you're going.  You also need discipline as I wrote in an earlier article Discipline, the elusive quality.  You need a reason or purpose for doing what you're doing as well as the ability to recognize if you're going in the right direction.

The one that binds and holds all of those together is the key to what separates the champions from the wannabes.  And by champions, I mean the one who reaches his or her goal... then sets a new one and achieves that too.  Whether you get a trophy or win a prize is secondary to being the best that you can be.

The key quality I'm talking about is consistency.  Without consistently showing up at the gym and in the kitchen both to eat and to cook, you stand a very little chance of succeeding.  Road blocks are going to show up and derail you from the path, you will stumble and even fall at times.  Friends will tempt you to skip the gym "just this once" or eat that pie "just this time", they will keep even it a secret for you. When your desire to be your best is big enough, saying no to distractions and things that will slow you down becomes easy.

Make sure you know exactly what you want and more importantly, WHY you want it, then go after it without fail.  Day in and day out.  Work out smart, eat nutrient dense foods and be as diligent at getting your rest as you are getting to the gym.

Go to bed as early as possible to take advantage of the natural rhythms of your physiology.

When you decide to make your own path, getting going is the hardest part.  Once you get going and build a little momentum, the effort lessens.  The more you do something the more it becomes a habit and the longer you've built the habit, the more automatic it becomes until failing to do it will feel weird.  Like walking the same route day in and day out will create an easy to follow path.  This goes as much for eating and sleeping as it does for working out.

It all begins with a decision to be your best, then deciding what you'll need to do on a regular basis to get there, then consistently doing it.  Day after day after day.

What helps keeping you on track  is sharing it with friends and family.  The only thing helps even more  is to share your goals publicly.  Then your reputation is at stake and you'll HAVE to follow through.

The Internet is the perfect medium to have friends, family and total strangers support you, so use it to your advantage.

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