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Bodybuilding Setting Goals

Posted by: Ron

"Begin with the end in mind" sums up exactly what goal setting is all about.  The clearer your end goal, the easier it will be to achieve

Practice goal setting in all aspects of your life

Would you ever go on a road trip without setting a specific destination first?  Especially if the only thing you knew about your destination is that it's thousands of miles away?

Would you play darts in the dark?  You know the dart board is there somewhere  in the room but the exact location is hidden in the darkness.

That's roughly what it's like when young trainees begin working out to look like bodybuilders. They read the latest muscle magazines, see the current champions on the Internet and try to imitate their training, thinking if those guys look the way they do by doing what the training articles say, they will soon look like them too.

I feel very sad about the state of today's bodybuilding.  Gone are the physiques one can be proud of .  Today, all you see are muscular exaggerations without much overall flow to their physique.  A young friend of mine on facebook termed it "the refrigerator look".  I tend to agree.

What is goal setting?

Before you start picking up the weights, or picking them up again to start over, realize that without a clear goal, backed up with solid reasons, you will just be going through the motions and will likely be spinning your wheels.

Goal setting is deciding what you want.  This should be your very first step.  Only you know what it is you're after and this should be something YOU want.  Whether you want to compete on stage, become a pro, win a specific contest, look good for the girls (or you ladies wanting to turn guys' heads), fit into your favorite jeans, be able to sprint a hundred yards under 15 seconds, lift X lbs,  do Y number of strict chinups or get super healthy and fit, it's really up to you.

That is the very first step that you must take to achieve anything significant.  The rest will be a lot easier once you have that step taken care of.  Luckily there are quite a number of great books on goal setting that you can read.

My questions to you are: Have you set a goal for yourself when it comes to working out and bodybuilding?  Do you know exactly what it is that you want?  Will you share it with us?

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