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Why keep a bodybuilding workout and diet journal

Posted by: Ron

The best way to learn is from the record of your past

Keep a training and food journal

I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again.  The best way to learn is form history, especially from your own past.  History can be as recent as a week ago or even yesterday.  How valuable is it (or would it be) to have each and every one of your workouts written in one place?

With today's technology, you can track everything easily.  You can even attach pictures and videos to each workout on your phone of all things.  There really is no reason to have no records of your training or meals.

These will help you identify the sources of sticking points and even help you look back and find out the reasons for exceptional strength levels and muscular gains.

An honest journal has no disadvantages.  It literally takes seconds to record your sets, reps, weight and rest times and the benefits are invaluable.

Take one day a week to review your workouts for the previous week.  Have you made gains?  If so, how can you continue?  No gains?  How come?  What can you do differently?  What has worked in the past that you can repeat again?

Do you keep records of all your workouts?  How about your meals?  Their time?  Volume?  If you do, how valuable do you find them?

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