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Avoid Current Fitness Fads

Posted by: Ron

The Fitness "Industry"

Is it all it's cracked up to be?

Enjoy physical culture, avoid the latest fitness fads

Do you have the latest vibram 5 fingers?  Or the hottest lulu lemon shorts or tops?  Do you go to fitness conventions to look for the latest gear and what's happening?  If you answered yes to any of the questions, you might have a mild case of the fitness industry bug.

Every year something new comes out.  One year it's the vibram 5 fingers, another those bouncing fitness shoes (Kangoo Jumps), then the vibrating plates, what's next? Combat yoga?  A few decades ago, it was the fat jiggling belts, then Richard Simmons was sweating everyone to the 80s.  I'm all for progress, yet it's a fact that you can build a fantastic physique with nothing but your bodyweight.  A pair of dumbbells and a barbell will definitely help get you there faster but there is no need for bulky treadmills and the rest of most of the equipment wasting space in today's gyms.

Vince Gironda could put you through a workout with nothing but a pair of dumbbells.  They could have been 15 pounds each and you still would have left sweating.  There was no need to wear the trendiest lulu lemon outfits to his gym.  Whether you were a guy or a gal, a pair of old sweats and a T-shirt is all you needed to build a great physique.

Today's gyms look like fashion shows with matching neon pink and green "outfits".  It's like the 80s all over again.

Even the machine king, Arthur Jones himself developed his physique through dumbbells and barbells, well before ever inventing his Nautilus line.  He has never been able to duplicate, let alone surpass his physique on his machines, no matter how much he tried.

I agree, machines have their place in a workout but there is very little need for them.  The human body was designed to function perfectly on its own.  I understand we need innovation, I just feel sad when these gadgets and fashion statements bastardize the whole point of working out.  All in the name of "fitness" and "health".  There is no piece of equipment that will take away the hard work and effort it takes to create a work of art out of your body, no matter what the advertisers in the latest informercials are telling you.

Now get off your stair master, go outside and sprint up a hill or three.  Your legs, butt and abs will thank you.

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