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Quality vs Quantity for Muscle Building

Posted by: Ron

When it comes to quality vs quantity, what's your best choice?

Choose quality over quantity every time.

I'm often asked about how long it's best to work out for and how many calories one should eat to put on muscle.  I've already written about calories, in a previous tip so you know my stance on that.  I also mentioned reducing toxins going into your body by choosing high quality food.  The kicker there is that high quality food is more nutrient dense and you actually require less of it to feel satiated.

Now onto the ideal workout length.  As far as I can remember, there were always people in the gym who got really great gains and others who remained the same year after year after year.  I've always thought of myself as an observer.  I would notice things and people.  What I saw that held true time and again was that the guys who came in and mostly kept to themselves, moved from exercise to exercise, got much faster and better results than the ones who took their time between sets, struck up conversations and were lifting really heavy weights which they had no business lifting.

The guys who were in and out had almost like an anti-social demeanour.  They would often wear head-phones and seem like they were in a world of their own.  If a bench or machine was taken, they would quickly adapt and move onto something else, they rested minimally and went through full range of motion without locking out.  They kept constant tension on the muscles.  Their workouts lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour tops.

Over the years I realized it was the quality of their workout that gave them the results.  The guys who hung around the gym for hours would lift a lot heavier weights, grunt and groan yet their results were hardly worth mentioning.

One important factor few people ask me about is sleep.  Most people think the longer the duration of your sleep the better.  Wrong.  Quality wins over quantity every day (or night in this case.)  I'm sure you've had a night where you slept more than ever yet woke up more tired than on nights when you slept less but likely deeper.

To reiterate my point, when in doubt whether to choose quality vs quantity, I'll help make the decision for you.  Go for quality.  It always pays off in the long term.

Can you think of examples in your own life when you chose quality over quantity?  How did it turn out?

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