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Low Energy: What To Take?

Posted by: Ron

The Modern World's Epidemic: Low Energy

What low energy could mean and how eating liver or liver tablets can increase it.

Eat liver and/or brewer's yeast regularly if you have low energy

One of the top complaints at the doctor's office are low energy and fatigue.  More and more people are running out of steam.  Our lifestyles are getting more hectic and our stress keeps increasing.  With cell phones, you never get a break.  Unless you turn them off regularly, you're essentially available 24 hours a day.  Processed foods are devoid of much nutrition so unless you consciously make an effort to increase your intake of nutrient dense foods while improving your digestion in order to be able to absorb and utilize all the vitamins and minerals, it's like trying to go on a long road trip with a nearly empty gas tank.

Gone are the days of chopped liver being served for dinner.  Eating liver seems to have gone out of style for today's generation even, though it's chock full of vitamins.  It is a significant source of easily absorbable vitamin B complex (very high in B12) as well as vitamin A (highly needed for the utilization of vitamin D) and iron.  Brewer's yeast also has an excellent vitamin B complex profile.  All the vitamin Bs are balanced and are in a highly absorbable form.

In the July 1951 issue of the medical publication "Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine", Dr. B. H. Ershoff describes an experiment he performed with 3 groups of rats to put his theory of an anti-fatigue diet to a test.

He took 3 groups of rats and fed them differently.

Group 1 ate a natural diet fortified with 9 synthetic and 2 natural vitamins

Group 2 at the same diet with the vitamins but they were also being given a large supply of vitamin B complex.

Group 3 at the same diet as Group 1 but instead of the vitamin B complex, they were given 10% desiccated liver.

After 12 weeks on their individual diets, Group 1 was the control group, Group 2 had slightly more growth than Group 1 but Group 3 had 15% more growth than Group 1.

Then it was time for the fatigue test.  Dr. Ershoff put the rats in a drum of water, one at a time where their two options were to swim or drown.  Here are the results:

Group 1 tired out and failed after an average of 13 minutes and 20 seconds.

Group 2 tired out and failed after an average of 13 minutes and 26 seconds

Group 3 was the big surprise.  9 out of the 12 rats in that group were still swimming after two hours (120 minutes) when they terminated the test.

Since the protein in liver contains all the amino acids, at first it helped these rats develop better and be more fatigue resistant.

Vince Gironda highly recommended desiccated liver capsules throughout his career for the exact same reasons.  They work.  They worked in his time and they work today.

If you eat liver or have taken desiccated liver supplementation, what has your experience been?  Please share in the comments section.

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