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Arnold Schwarzenegger Philosophy

Posted by: Ray

1962 - a wide eyed kid stands transfixed in the middle of a gym floor in the heart of a European winter. His focus firmly fixed on a group of Austrian muscle men, he vows to himself that, one day, HE will become the best in the world a this sport of building bodies - he does!

1977 - a huge Austrian neophyte actor stands in the background at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. He has been recognised as the best new comer of the year, but the attention of all present that night is on another - Sylvester Stallone, who's ROCKY movie has taken the world by storm. As he surveys the scene around him and sizes up his rival, the young man vows to knock Stallone off his throne - and establish himself as the undeniable king of Hollywood - he does!

Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger how he accomplished these two monumental tasks and you are bound to get this response . . . focus, determination and, above all, stay hungry. Combined with these factors, though, are three key personality traits that have catapulted this man to superstardom:

Arnold is a driver - he is a "doer", a person who gets out there and creates his own opportunities. His mind is always working, but he is not self-analytical. He has supreme self confidence and feels no need to question his own decisions. He is goal oriented and has the ability to drive himself obsessively toward attaining those goals.

Arnold is "tuned in" - he is upper aware of what's going on around him. He has the ability to detach himself from a situation and analyse the overall happenings. By doing so, he is able to adjust in order to take maximum advantage of a given situation.

Arnold is Detail Oriented - As a body-builder, Arnold paid meticulous attention to the details of his physique. Then, in his role as Chairman of the president's Council on Fitness he took this attention to detail to new heights. In 1992, Arnold completed a tour of all 50 U.S. States, where he had meetings with Governors, visited schools and gave press conferences - but not before becoming intimately acquainted with the most specific details of that State's school fitness program. He could quote statistics that the Governor wasn't even aware of.

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