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Arnold Schwarzenegger First English Speaking Interview

Posted by: Ray

Early Days...Arnold's First English Speaking Interview ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER can, when the mood takes him, punch a hole in a wall. If you ask him nicely, he will blow up your hot-water bottle until it bursts, and overturn your car with one hand. When he's really trying, he can hold above his head a weight equivalent to eight Twiggies. This is only half a Twiggy less than the world record of 8 1/2 Twiggies or 710lbs. I hope your impressed. Unhappily Arnold, who at 20 is the youngest ever Mr Universe, is a very misunderstood young man. Do you know what people are saying about him? They're saying that he's all muscle. Well, people will jump to conclusions like that, but it's very upsetting for poor 18 stone Arnold with his 58" chest. All muscle indeed!

So the other day when Arnold arrived in Britain for a few shows of strength up and down the country, I dropped in to offer my condolences and to view the body beautiful itself. "Please understand that I am like ordinary man only bigger and stronger," said Arnold, who comes from Austria, where he is weightlifting champion, high-diving champion and curling champion. "I have normal feelings like other men. Why do people treat me with fun just because I am biggest, strongest man in world? "And most beautiful," I ventured. "And most beautiful," agreed Arnold. (If you would like to dispute any of these points, Arnold will be happy to settle the matter at the time and place of you choosing.) Arnolds' muscle rippling life is taken up travelling round the globe making Miss World-type guest appearances and being offered film roles as Hercules, Tarzan, Jason of Samson. There are, however, rather a lot of disadvantages. For a start, when people meet him, they do not launch into a discussion about the amplitude and frequency of neural response. Indeed they treat more like an object than a person. They give him a push here and a prod there. Some even greet him with a jovial thump in the guts. They seem quite surprised when they discover it hurts him. Another snag is that a lot of girls don't fancy big strong he-men these days. They prefer something feebler. It's a bit of bad luck for Arnold, that. Worst of all for Arnold is that weedy people - like you and me - are forever picking fights with him. Arnold didn't get to be like this on a spoonful of malt before breakfast every day. He survives on eggs, milk, steaks, concentrated foods and drinks nothing but beer. He eats about three times more than most men. "I hope you're not going to go away and write that I am, how do you say, all brain and no brawns?" "All brawn and no brains is what you mean," I said. "Ah," said Arnold. "You're very kind."

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