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Weight Training Tips For Women

Posted by: Paul

A vast amount of women are fearful of training with weights as they are concerned they will become too muscular. Obviously strength training is going to aid you in building some muscle, but fear not women have not got adequate amounts of testosterone in their body. This means women cannot become too muscle bound, any muscle that you build during weight training will only improve your physical appearance and femininity.

Set yourself a realistic goal, come to a decision about what it is you would like to achieve from your workouts. What part or parts of your body would you like to improve on? Is this something you are doing to help improve your health or simply improve your appearance? Once you have your aims and goals in mind then you will have a better idea of how to modify or plan your workout, ensuring that you choose exercises that will target the proper muscles and the areas you wish to work on.

Consistency is the Key, once you decide you are going to improve your appearance or health via weigh training make sure you stick with it. Of course after a long hard day at work the last thing you want to do is hit the gym but believe me you will feel so much better for it. Missing out on training sessions will get you nowhere, its is better to do al little bit then do nothing at all.

Work out with someone, have an exercise partner. Having an exercise partner makes training a lot easier not only do you have someone to be accountable to, making it more likely that you will attend your training session but they will help to motivate you as well.

Make a conscious effort to differ your exercises, it is very easy to spend too much time on one or two exercises or on certain pieces of equipment but make sure you don`t over work a specific muscle group by focusing on the same exercises. Clearly everyone has an exercise they enjoy or a certain body part they want to work on more than others but make sure you don`t overdo it, concentrate on a full body work out each time you train.

After you have been training for a few weeks you should be looking to increase the intensity of your workouts, fear not this doesn`t not necessarily mean increasing the amount of weight you are lifting. Just by increasing the number of reps or just slightly increasing the weight will make the muscles work more and help you see the results quicker!

Also what you need to remember is it will take time, it may take 4-6 weeks before you see a noticeable difference but be patient and consistent and your hard work will definitely pay off!

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