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5 Tips For Muscle Mass Gain

Posted by: Paul

If you're looking for serious muscle growth then you will need to follow some universal muscle building rules. Muscle growth will only occur when certain elements are in place and triggered correctly. There are many things you can do to improve your muscle building results like change your routine, change your sets and reps and change your diet for the better. Making these changes will change your results. Here are 5 tips for building massive muscles that you can use or consider.

1. You must lift heavy weights - How often have you heard that one? Heavy weights, how heavy is heavy? The weights must be heavy enough that by the time you get to 6 reps you are struggling to reach 8 to 12 reps. You should not be able to do 15 reps. The ideal rep range for muscle growth is 8 to 12 reps but in order to induce muscle growth you should struggle on the sixth rep while pushing for 8 to 12. You should always have someone on standby when you are pushing heavy weights.

2. Keep your workouts under 1 hour - Train with high intensity but never go over the hour. It is a waste of time and recovery energy when you go over the hour. 45 minutes is even better. The idea is to induce muscle growth by warming up the muscle area sufficiently then hitting the muscle groups hard (2 muscle groups per session is good) and then get out before the hour.

3. Do fewer sets and fewer body parts - There is absolutely no reason to do six sets of this exercise and six sets of that exercise. You can but you will get little or no results for it, especially if you're trying to lift heavy weights and train intensely. It cannot be done successfully. 2 to 3 sets per body part is more than enough to induce muscle growth, not counting your warm up sets. 2 body parts per session is all you should be concentrating on at a time, some people only train 1 body part a session with great results.

4. Eat 8 meals a day - It's easier than you think. You can eat 4 solid decent meals along with 3 or 4 protein shakes. There's breakfast lunch dinner and snack and there's also the pre and post training meals or shakes, and you can fit in a protein shake last thing at night just before bed. You need those calories and protein to ensure sufficient energy for recover and muscle growth.

5. Supplements - Some might say you don't need supplements to build muscle but I say you do need some, but not most of the "supplements" that are available. After training with heavy weights under high intensity your body's entire mechanisms are completely drained, not just your muscles. You need more calories and protein than the regular person in order to recover from it and grow new muscle. You need whey protein and casein, you need a multi vitamin/mineral, Vitamin C Vitamin E, Zinc, and creatine is a great idea for its muscle building and health benefits.

Note: You should check with you GP or Health Practitioner before starting or changing an exercise program and before taking any new supplementation.

So there it is, 5 muscle gain tips hat you can consider. Muscle building does take commitment, time and discipline, even if you are doing things completely wrong. If you're not gaining muscle then you know you are doing something wrong, just remember to lift heavy weights (safely) Get out before the hour, Do less sets and less body parts, Eat plenty of nutritious food, and take some supplements.

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