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Vince Gironda Breakfast

Posted by: Ron

Avoid carbohydrates in the morning, which will level out your energy for the whole day

Avoid carbohydrates laden breakfasts

Society (and television commercials) tells you to eat cereal for breakfast for a "balanced" diet.  In reality, nothing could be further fromt he truth.  Eating high carbohydrates for breakfast will undoubtedly mess up your energy levels and mood for the rest of the day.

The main reason cereals have been so widespread is because the agri businesses who pay for the commercials make a ton of money growing and selling grains.  They're easy to grow and upkeep once they spray them with pesticides.  There's very little to no maintenance required.

On the other hand Vince's advice of eating a steak and egg breakfast has held the test of time.  It sets you up for a great day, keeps your nitrogen levels up while keeping your blood sugar levels balanced.  Your energy stays stable throughout the day.

Recent studies have confirmed this on children where they've fed a group of children cereal for breakfast and another group a low carbohydrate mainly meat/fat breakfast.  The kids eating carbohydrates were exhibiting attention deficit disorder like symptoms, had a hard time concentrating, had a drop  in energy levels in the afternoon, were cranky and hard to manage.  The group with the low carbohydrate breakfast, on the other hand, were well behaved, calm and paid attention for the rest of the day without any energy level crashes.

It works really well for me.  Give Vince's steak and eggs breakfast a try for a few days to a week and report back to your own personal findings.

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