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Vince Gironda Glandulars Supplements

Posted by: Ron

Glandulars are the power houses of nutrients and other amazing substances scientists still know little about

Eat organs meats or take glandulars as supplements

In the past all civilizations ate nearly every part of an animal, including the heart, liver, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, kidneys and so on.  These all contain extremely beneficial nutrients that literally go to the organ that needs it most in your system.

Experiments have been conducted where they used certain organs with radioactive isotopes and fed them to animals.  The surprising outcome was that the highest concentration of radioactive liver the animal ate could be found in the animal's liver.  The radioactive thymus was right in and around the animal's thymus.  The kidney in its kidney.

Science has shown what mother nature has always adhered to: "like attracts like".  I've gotten so many positive calls and emails regarding glandulars even though these supplements are currently out of vogue.

I've gotten reports of people's hair getting thicker, their energy levels going through the roof and their libido noticeably increasing.

I consider glandulars a staple in any supplementation program.  Ideally you would eat the organ meats themselves (liver at least once a week for example.)  If the sound of eating testicles, thymus or lungs sounds weird, you always have the option of taking them in pill format.

If you're already eating organ meats or taking them in supplement form, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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